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Windows If you ever needed any proof it's anything but roses ans sunshine over at Microsoft's Windows Phone division, it's this. The next version of Windows Phone, WP8, will run on the NT kernel, which marks a pretty substantial departure from the current release. This raises the question: will current handsets be upgradeable to WP8? First, Microsoft indicated no. Then they said yes (interview retracted). And now, they're saying no again.
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and yet the software is so modern and refreshing. Feels like OS/2 all over again.

and yet IBM did a much better job with OS/2 than M$ is doing with WP 7. WP 7 is EPIC FAIL even compared to OS/2 and BeOS.

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I know you're trolling, but really, how do you figure? As much as I love the BeOS, it was dead in the water before it was a common name even among OS geeks. And OS/2 never stood a chance despite being technically superior to Windows.

Interestingly, both OSes died at Microsoft's hands. If anything, the (prematurely reported) death of Windows Phone is nothing more than well deserved Karma, though I wouldn't count them out just yet.

And lest you flame me as a Microsoft shill etc etc, yes I do like the WP7 OS but I hate the company (as is well known here). With a few tweaks and some openness, WP7 could be the OS that Android would only dream of being. Unfortunately Microsoft has once again crippled a product that could have been great if only they knew what they were doing with it. The same goes for Windows 8 on x86/x64, as far as I'm concerned.

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Interestingly, both OSes died at Microsoft's hands.

I know I'm veering a litte off-topic here, but the blood of OS/2 is squarely on IBM's hands. From paying Microsoft by the KLOC (1000 lines of code) instead of by feature, to their insistence that the 1.x line run on the 80286, shipping the first version on time but missing a GUI, their bizarre advertising (Czech nuns anyone?) and charging developers $1000s for the development kits instead of giving them away to anyone and everyone, Microsoft needed only give IBM sufficient rope to hang themselves and their product.

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