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Linux Liuns Torvalds is a finalist for this year's Millenium Technology Prize, prompting Scott Merrill with TechCrunch to do an e-mail interview. Interesting how Torvalds ignores the existence of ultrabooks - the Air is the exact same Intel-designed machine. Curious.
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RE: Macbooks vs Ultrabooks
by gan17 on Sat 21st Apr 2012 13:16 UTC in reply to "Macbooks vs Ultrabooks"
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Your Lenovo's not a ThinkPad, is it? I'd take a clit-mouse over a track/touchpad any day. Don't have to take my hand off the keyboard to use it.

But yes, most non-Apple trackpads suck. Don't really know why that is. It's gotten even worse with the advent of multi-touch, I think. Sensitivity is all over the place. Strangely, I find this even worse on Windows than it is on Linux/BSD (for synaptics/synclient, at least) these days. Most probably it's some sort of driver issue.

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