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In the News "The increase is a sign that the search engine can no longer afford to operate in a Silicon Valley vacuum. For years, Google had a reputation for indifference inside the Beltway. It took Google until May 2005 to set up a presence in Washington and even then, its headquarters consisted of a one-man lobbying shop in suburban Maryland." Do the Americans among you just accept this? Is this normal? Why aren't you guys turning to the streets when your country is quite clearly being bought left and right? I mean, I'm sure this happens everywhere, but on this scale? Gives me the creeps.
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It's just a shakedown
by trev on Tue 24th Apr 2012 02:36 UTC
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As many have pointed out we've had Microsoft and many others. Google is just the latest company to pay to play in the U.S. The US government is basically a legal mafia that collects protection money as well as does "dirty jobs", like SOPA and PIPA, for more money. I think most people see a trend in the companies that lobby to defend themselves soon turn into lobbying to get laws they want. At this point I think the corruption is so deeply rooted only a revolution will reset things. Sad but I really can't see it changing any other way. Even the elections can't be trusted any more thanks to the closed source electronic voting machines.

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