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Windows A few days I switched back to Windows Phone 7.5 as my main smartphone operating system. Why? Well, because I can. I like to change things up every now and then, and blessed as I am with an iPhone 3GS (currently pulling duty at my best friend as her portable gaming device), Galaxy SII with CM9, and an HTC HD7, I have the luxury of doing so. Now that I'm back in the neat, tidy, and straight-lined arms of Windows Phone 7 - three long-standing issues really break the illusion, which all come from one source: the networking stack.
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Its a shame webOS never made it big
by Xeron on Thu 3rd May 2012 06:52 UTC
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I reckon you'd love the Pre 3 (I know I do).

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Yeah, webos really was a good concept. Too bad the implementation wasn't there. Now on a Nokia N9 due to really poor battery life, bad reception, slowness of my pre 2. 'Though I love the looks of the N9, its reception and it's apps are a lot better than the webos apps (drive, maps, sorely lacking on webos, especially since the move to bing maps, it's one of the reasons why I wanted N9...). The N9 got more RAM and feels a lot snappier than any webos unit I used, it does however fall short in user experience to webos:
The swipe UI is just horrible conceptwise. The 'feed' looks and acts like similar apps, but you can't swipe it down to close, a mistake I often make, perhaps due to being addicted of swiping cards directly away, created by webos). The notifications that popup in the 'feed' view should better be popping up in the drop down menu (which, just like the keyboard has a great haptic feedback, that is something they really did right).
It takes sometimes three swipes to get to the multitasking screen when you are in a program. There is no universal search, or if it's there, it's not as easy to access as on webos, I used that a loooot on my pre2. The messaging of webos was truly a shining example of how to do it right. Too bad for them they chose a slow platform to work on.
I'm really starting to understand why Nokia went for WP, the user experience for non techies on meego is just broken. They should have gone for either a maemo copy, or a webos' copy on their N9 (considering MS borrowed just the right stuff from palm in it's WP7 incarnation it counts to me as going for the webos clone, but I'll never give my money to MS again).

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