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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Samsung has just unveiled the Galaxy SIII - 4.8" 720p SuperAMOLED display, quad-core processor, 8.6mm thick body. Despite the larger display, the SIII isn't much larger than the SII, which is pretty impressive. Samsung also shoved a whole bunch of new features into TouchWiz, including a few quite kitschy sound effects. Ice Cream Sandwich, but TouchWizzed. I personally really dislike the move to curved and rounded designs (still waiting for a perfectly straight, sharp-angled slab), and there's no way in heck I'm buying this thing. Available May 29, all throughout Europe. Asia, Africa, and the US will follow later during the summer. Will sell like hotcakes. Update: Really - why are they doing this to ICS? This reminds me of that Southpark episode with Spielberg and Lucas raping Indiana Jones. We're all seeing it, but nobody's doing something about it.
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RE: Not all S3s will be quad-core
by WorknMan on Thu 3rd May 2012 22:35 UTC in reply to "Not all S3s will be quad-core"
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On a side note, I'll never understand some of the button layouts on Android phones. To me, and to all those I've spoken to about this, the most logical button layout is:
< back > < home > < menu >

The Galaxy Nexus (stock ICS) has three buttons - Back, Home, and a third one (don't know what it's called) that brings up a list of recently used apps. For better or worse, they're trying to get rid of the menu button. (It still shows up when needed.)

On the Galaxy Nexus, these keys are configurable on custom roms, so I actually added back the Search button. You may think it's pointless, but it's actually a nice extra ;) If you hold it down, you get a prompt for issuing voice commands, which is mainly what I use it for.

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