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Windows Both Mozilla and Google have expressed concern over Windows 8. Microsoft's next big operating system release restricts access to certain APIs and technologies browsers need - only making them available to Internet Explorer. Looking at the facts, it would seem Mozilla and Google have a solid case - coincidentally, the responses on the web are proof of the slippery slope we're on regarding ownership over our own machines.
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RE: Where's the problem ?
by shotsman on Sat 12th May 2012 07:49 UTC in reply to "Where's the problem ?"
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There is a difference between Apple and Microsoft.

Apple make the hardware that their OS runs on.
Microsoft dictates to the hardware manufacturers.'If you want to run Windows then they say,'THIS IS THE HARDWARE YOU MUST USE'.

The whole issue over EFI Secure boot is due to Microsoft wanting to stop any other O/S from running on the hardware that they have dictated to the likes of Asus, HP, Dell etc.

You could root the iPad and run your own software on it.
Microsoft is trying to make this impossible/illegal.

There is a difference.

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