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RE[2]: Comment by Brynet
by Soulbender on Wed 16th May 2012 22:29 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Brynet"
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There's no PyCon where I live. Heck, there's hardly any conferences here worth bothering with ;)

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RE[3]: Comment by Brynet
by ricegf on Thu 17th May 2012 02:40 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Brynet"
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Sorry. I sometimes feel similarly about San Francisco - I think people there could attend conventions every single day of the year.

PyCons are held in Australia, Singapore, and Taiwan, though, so you're surrounded if you have means to travel a bit.

And if not, it's a community conference - you could always just organize PyCon Philippines yourself if you're interested enough. Wish I lived a little closer - I'd love to help, but it's a fair swim from Texas. ;-)

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