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Internet Explorer This is interesting news. According to, and given credence by Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrot, Adobe has given Microsoft the source code to Flash, so that Microsoft could fully integrate it into Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8. Interesting move, and probably not a bad one considering just how popular Flash still is, especially for games.
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these days. ;) Oh, well. Maybe it won't be that bad since Metro apps are sandboxed.

I wonder if Microsoft will also support Silverlight, as there are some cool sites that use and/or require it, such as,, Hmmm, for Netflix, I imagine there will be a dedicated metro app, so it doesn't matter if the netflix site itself supports silverlight streaming on metro. Maybe there will be dedicated Photosynth and WorldWide Telescope apps too; or maybe Microsoft will convert them to HTML5 (though I don't know if HTML5 is up to the task).

I suspect those sites will give way to apps and/or HTML5 versions. Silverlight support would be nice for existing LOB app support though, but it is still accessible from Desktop IE. If I were doing the integration, Flash would be implemented using Silverlight (video playback could just be a managed codec). This would provide better security overall, with code that's been completely SDLC-vetted (and optimized for Windows' power management and sandboxing features), but the current solution does provide quicker time to market, with fewer compatibility worries, and likely still means a more secure Flash for Windows.

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