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Legal "Megaupload is challenging the U.S. Government's possession of millions of dollars in assets it seized from the company and its operators in January. The newly-filed and eye-opening motion slams the U.S. for holding the defendants liable for alleged offenses that aren't even a crime, ignoring laws designed to offer them protection, failing to provide any detail whatsoever on alleged infringements, and pushing U.S. law far beyond its borders." I'm sure Megaupload wasn't exactly a fluffy bunny organisation, but rarely have I seen a government screw up so badly, and so publicly.
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RE: file sharing/torrent websites
by darknexus on Thu 31st May 2012 20:05 UTC in reply to "file sharing/torrent websites"
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They should just close all file share and torrent websites.

Sure, just as soon as you have an idea of exactly how to go about that? No? Didn't think so. Instead of going after bittorrent, big content should hire the guy who developed it and use the p2p technology to form the backbone of a distributed, legal, network by which one could download lossless or near-lossless content from them without invasive DRM. They win and keep making money, we win by having a convenient, virus-free way of downloading content. Instead, they have these idiots who don't understand technology running the show, and said idiots have no idea how to adapt. Oust the morons and put some new blood in there. </offtopic>
The thing is, it's this attitude of "shut them all down" that got them in the situation they're in now. The internet is simply too big. Shut one down, and two more take its place. It's a war they will never win, no matter how many small battles they fight, and all the money they've supposedly lost from downloaders is nothing to how much they're pissing away on courts and legislation.

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