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Legal Five US carriers, nearly identical devices, millions and millions of pre-orders, virtually simultaneous launch - and that's just the US. The Galaxy SIII might be hideous, Samsung is still doing something right here. No surprise, then, that Apple has, once again, decided to compete in the court room instead of on the shelves: they're asking for a US import ban on the SIII [FOSS Patents link].
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by l3v1 on Thu 7th Jun 2012 06:20 UTC
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I think bans are stupid. The only ones that get hurt by them are the customers. The ones these idiots want to buy their stuff. Trying to "compete" by trying to ban other products is not cool, to say the least, the only ones who'll praise you for it is your already present fanbase, which you're just trying to increase. Go to courts, spend your money on lawyers and on each other, nobody could care any less, but leave the people alone to buy what they want. Oh, that's too risky? Well, people, here's an idea, create products that are better. I don't think smacking the competition will make people like you much more. It doesn't work on me, that's for certain.

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