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Apple After a proper teardown, iFixit concludes that the new MacBook Pro has no user-serviceable parts at all, which some think is a really bad thing. I honestly don't know - I mean, my ZenBook isn't particularly user-serviceable either, and my smartphones, tablets, and whatnot are pretty much entirely soldered together as well. What do you guys make of this?
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RAM Reseat
by Moredhas on Thu 14th Jun 2012 09:01 UTC
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You can solder in and glue down as many things as you want, but RAM should be inviolate. This machine makes the most basic and rudimentary fix for a computer a bin job if it happens to be a day out of warranty. If you've ever powered on your computer to nothing but a black screen and fan noise, chances are, removing and reinserting the RAM modules would fix that problem. If you have to do it more than once in a few months, it might be indicative of a larger problem. If that ever happens to a 2012 Macbook, it means throwing it in the bin.

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RE: RAM Reseat
by bhtooefr on Thu 14th Jun 2012 10:24 in reply to "RAM Reseat"
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To be fair, if you have problems that are fixed due to removing and reinstalling the RAM, that's not the RAM failing, that's the interconnect between the RAM module and the motherboard (either the pins on the module, or an issue with the SODIMM or DIMM slot).

So, because there is no interconnect other than solder (and that solder would be there on SODIMMs anyway), it'll be more reliable there.

Not a fan of what they've done (although, damnit, they're going to get a sale to me because of DAT DISPLAY (cue "DAT ASS" image macro)), but that's not a valid reason to oppose it.

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