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Windows Microsoft is detailing the design and workings of several of the core Windows 8 Metro applications. They've covered People, Mail, and Calendar so far - more sure to come. I'm quite interested in the rather... Lacklustre Music and Video applications. Another interesting one details Windows 8's multimedia frameworks.
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A point to make:
by Nelson on Sat 16th Jun 2012 02:22 UTC
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And its something that dawned on me the other day. The way that Windows 8 will be updated is a lot different than how Windows normally is.

With Windows as-is, you're pretty much stuck with what you have at RTM.

With Windows 8, even the core functionality are just apps which implement WinRT contracts. Microsoft has indicated that the core apps will be updated continuously, even after Windows RTMs. This is a significant and marked change over previous Windows releases.

Whereas I was really kind of worried about the state of some apps in the Release Preview, this actually reassures me quite a bit. If they keep a steady stream of updates coming in, then we have apps which will get dramatically better over time.

The other interesting thing is that everyting the core apps do, can be done in other apps. If you don't like Mail, you can implement your own client. Mozilla is free to offer a Metro thunderbird with POP3 and Unified Inboxes if it so wishes.

If someone thinks the Calendar sucks, fine, a company will fill that niche and write their own. This is Windows, there's never ever been just one app.

Its different from say, Windows Phone 7 (as is today) where you can't really replace core functionality.

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