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Windows So, the Microsoft announcement - taking place as I write this, 01:45 in my timezone - turns out to be a bigger deal than expected. Microsoft just announced it's going full-on hardware - the company announced a new tablet called 'Surface', and boy, is this thing something to behold. Microsoft's hardware partners? They're not happy right now. Update: Here's Microsoft's official Surface site. I believe someone coined the phrase 'sexy as a succubus' in the comments about Vizio? Stealin' it! Update II: They aren't just taking the iPad head-on - this is a straight-up MacBook Air competitor.
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RE[5]: ARM
by tomcat on Tue 19th Jun 2012 08:44 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: ARM"
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Doesn't mean they won't try to use it.

Explain how.

Yeah, because companies never try to get an advantage over their competition. What reason other than stifling the competition could there possible be for demanding that everyone else be practically locked out?
Security? Yeah, if there ever was something to call bullshit on it's that.

Again, explain how. Short answer: You can't. Because it's BS.

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RE[6]: ARM
by Soulbender on Tue 19th Jun 2012 08:52 in reply to "RE[5]: ARM"
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Are you saying that they're not requiring that secure boot can not be disabled on arm devices running windows 8? Or are you saying that their requirement has nothing to do with stifling competition and is instead because...ehm...uh....yeah, why exactly?
Why does MS try so hard to prevent me from using a device I own to run what I want?

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RE[7]: ARM
by Nelson on Tue 19th Jun 2012 09:46 in reply to "RE[6]: ARM"
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Windows 8 CAN'T be really used as any kind of effective leverage, because it presents no competitive advantage to Windows RT.

You can't just reply "Yeah, but what if" to something which is demonstrably impossible. The architectures are different, meaning everything from applications to drivers are incompatible.

Windows RT doesn't have the clout that Windows has. So Microsoft can't really use their success on the Desktop to force success in the ARM world.

Microsoft has every right to dictate the terms of using their software (SecureBoot forced on ARM), and you're free as a consumer to not use it. Its not a monopolistic abuse, its how they chose to do business.

When Apple locks their bootloaders its not a monopolistic abuse, its the walled garden they choose to let you play in for $499. Don't like it, don't play.

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RE[7]: ARM
by westlake on Tue 19th Jun 2012 22:41 in reply to "RE[6]: ARM"
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Why does MS try so hard to prevent me from using a device I own to run what I want?

The Win RT tablet includes MS Office Home & Student. That defines it as a mass market consumer product. The Win 8 Pro tablet is an enterprise grade ultrabook for the Windows eco-system.

Keep it simple, stupid.

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RE[7]: ARM
by lucas_maximus on Wed 20th Jun 2012 14:47 in reply to "RE[6]: ARM"
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Lets forget the fact that you can actually buy a key for relatively cheap.

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