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BeOS & Derivatives Michael Lotz added code to generate QR-code for the KDL (Kernel Debug Land) ouput (which pops up when the kernel crashes). No more blurry photos with debug output, but a QR code which decodes to the clear-text KDL debug output. Here's one of the relevant commits, an example showing a QR code, and text from decoded sample QR code.
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by izomiac on Tue 3rd Jul 2012 02:51 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: WTF IS THIS SHIT"
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I would expect that every OS logs and displays the error (Haiku does as well, this is supplementary since writing to the disk may not be possible). Multilingual error messages are sort of useless.

I have no idea what the Dutch word for harddrive is, but I can google the error message and find out what's going wrong (especially with a nice QR code so I don't have to type it, and even nicer if I can do it while the system reboots). What wouldn't help me is translating an obscure error into English so I get nothing when I google for it. Or even worse, I'd need to decipher the slaughtered metaphor term that didn't survive three translations (e.g. "Wrong Mode" for a syntax error in a configuration file).

I am not against translating simple error messages, like "unable to contact server". But when you get more advance errors (e.g. a BSOD), then it needs to be in the language of development. Of course, if most computer jargon is in English then it's a silly to translate error messages into something that takes knowledge of two languages to understand.

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