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Apple "If you're eagerly awaiting Microsoft's Windows 8 Metro interface, due in late October, then you might be interested in obtaining it a little earlier for an iPhone or iPod Touch. Metroon, a Dreamboard theme for jailbroken iOS devices, does just that - providing a near-perfect replica of Microsoft's Metro interface." Up until 4-5 years ago, one of the most popular skinning activities was to make Windows look like Mac OS X. These days, people are putting loads of effort into bringing Metro to iOS (or Android). Subtle, but telling, shift. A few weeks ago, I upgraded my dad's iMac to Lion. His first response when opening the Address Book: "god that's tacky. Yuck!" The sooner this anachronistic skeuomorphism dies, the better.
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RE[2]: Slightly off topic
by Laurence on Wed 11th Jul 2012 16:00 UTC in reply to "RE: Slightly off topic"
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Not everybody is a problem-solver. Some are only problem-finders. Those are two different jobs: finding problems requires a cold analytical eye, problem-solving requires imagination.

This is so true. Often problem finders are criticised as nit-pickers, but sometimes it takes a 3rd party to point these things out. Even some of the most talented designers can get so engrossed in their own project that some of the small details get forgotten.

And don't get me started on how developers don't always make good designers (and visa versa).

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