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RISC OS Good news for Raspberry Pi owners (ha!): the RISC OS port is progressing along nicely. So much so, in fact, that a Raspberry Pi-based RISC OS machine is in the works. Stable beta release of RISC OS for the Pi planned for September!
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RE[2]: Comment by uridium
by uridium on Sun 15th Jul 2012 01:49 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by uridium"
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Seriously dude ;) Get out of the 90's. That's when they introduced "Enforcer" .. which if you have a CPU with an mmu eg.. 020+68851 or a non-EC anything later enables mmu protection.

Yes, you can run without memory protection. No I don't think it's wise and don't. Yes, I do think that AmigaOS, VMS and OS/400 are the pinnacle of OS dev ;)

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RE[3]: Comment by uridium
by zima on Sun 15th Jul 2012 03:19 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by uridium"
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Seriously dude, those are just best effort kludges (and didn't make much difference in practice) - Amiga OS still doesn't have memory protection in any rigorous sense of the term.

Snap out of nostalgia, that's what killed Amiga, what keeps hammering nails into its coffin for almost 2 decades already... (BTW, NT can be seen as quite worthy successor to VMS, on technical level - how market realities forced NT into dubious ~userland practices is another issue; at least perceiving VMS or OS/400 as pinnacle has some merit ...but that's not what you initially claimed)

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