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KDE "KDE is delighted to announce its latest set of releases, providing major updates to KDE Plasma Workspaces, KDE Applications, and the KDE Platform. Version 4.9 provides many new features, along with improved stability and performance."
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... Ten second boot? You're using an SSD aren't you.

Nope. 7200 RPM IDE drive.

[EDIT] It's got good seek times and a decent buffer as well. Circa 2005 - one of the first available to business/consumers to have 100GB capacity.

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Sorry, I missed the bit about running Gentoo...

Hate to say it but IMO Gentoo doesn't count. Custom kernels, optimized toolchains, and manually tweaked dependencies are the domain of enthusiasts, not end users; your KDE may be fast, but someone using Kubuntu on a Pentium M machine with a little over a gig of RAM will find it pretty slow.

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