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Red Hat "There have been a couple of runs at trusted operating systems in the past, but the difference between what's out there now and what we're announcing is that, in the Linux world, we'll have trusted capabilities in a standard distribution," said Paul Smith of Red Hat.
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For many this is irrelevant but...
by shotsman on Sun 30th Oct 2005 18:37 UTC
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For those of us who use Linux professionally, it is good news.
To have RedHat and SUSE certified as a Trusted OS is great news. It shows those who doubt that it is anything but a toy OS that it is just the opposite.
For the majotiry of Linux users today, this news is irelevant but they should take heart that the OS they are using is up their with the best in History.
IMHO, Linus should be proud of his baby coming of age.

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This is an accomplishment, yes. I've got CentOS (based on RHEL) running on a box here and its fantastic.

But you're right, it means very little to most people using Linux, as the technology and testing doesn't exist in most Linux distributions. Once RedHat recieves this certification, it won't apply to even the clostst dirivitives, like the previously mentioned CentOS.

Still a big step forward tho, but I'd be more inclined to say that RedHat employees should be proud (and with years of bad experiences with RedHat under my belt, I find it painful to say that, but I've got to be honest! ;^)

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