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Legal And just like that, within a matter of days, the jury has reached a verdict in Apple vs. Samsung. The basic gist is simple: Apple's software patents are valid, and many Samsung devices infringe upon them. Apple's iPhone 3G trade dress is valid, and Samsung's Galaxy S line infringes, but other devices did not. Samsung did not infringe Apple's iPad design patent. Apple did not infringe any of Samsung's patents. Apple is awarded a little over $1 billion in damages. Competition lost today, and developers in the United States should really start to get worried - software patents got validated big time today.
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RE[2]: Everybody wins
by kaiwai on Sat 25th Aug 2012 09:40 UTC in reply to "RE: Everybody wins"
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Apple is going to be banned forever in my home and if my work place gets apple products i will not touch them

the court was bought by apple

the one who gave me a -1 is an apple retard!

The fact that Samsung fails to provide me with an Android 4.1.1 update for a Samsung Galaxy S (released March 2010 - slightly over 2 years old) has resulted me take their mobile phone products of my list of possible options in the future. See, unlike YOUR post, mine is actually based on something empirical, their crap software support and not like your basis which is nothing more than chucking a hissy fit like a 6 year old getting told that they're not going to go to McDonalds for their birthday.

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RE[3]: Everybody wins
by JAlexoid on Sat 25th Aug 2012 13:34 in reply to "RE[2]: Everybody wins"
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There is a lot of empirical evidence that Apple is not a company I want to give money to.
The one that bothers me, and has a personal impact, is that they got an EU wide ban via the German judicial system.

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RE[3]: Everybody wins
by dsmogor on Sun 26th Aug 2012 00:23 in reply to "RE[2]: Everybody wins"
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Actually the Galaxy S update fiasco is have apparently more with design fail than Samsung malice. Eventually even CM project have refused to maintain v9 port for the device after couple of unsuccessful attempts.

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RE[4]: Everybody wins
by pashar on Sun 26th Aug 2012 08:05 in reply to "RE[3]: Everybody wins"
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Hmm, I'm running CM9 release (not RC, a release) on my Galaxy S and I could run CM10 nightly if I wanted. Not sure what you mean by "refused to maintain" and "unsuccessful attempts".

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