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Editorial The dream of inexpensive computing for everyone has been with us since the first computers. Along the way it has taken some unexpected turns. This article summarizes key trends and a few of the surprises.
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RE[5]: Invisibility is the goal
by ilovebeer on Wed 29th Aug 2012 14:49 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Invisibility is the goal"
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I cannot see how the trend to the sealed box type of computing, both physically sealed and sealed in the sense of hiding most of the file system and OS from view or user manipulation, can be reversed. If anything that trend is likely to accelerate, and it will do so because for 99% or so of users it will improve device functionality and the quality of their user experience. This may be a negative trend for the small number who like to tinker but it will be a positive thing for the majority who definitely do not want to tinker.

I agree with this but at the same time there's no reason to worry that pc components are going to disappear from stores any time soon. Every big vendor & developer I've talked to about it has basically laughed it off saying the theory that they want to shoehorn everyone into these completely closed & pre-made systems is nothing but paranoia. Hardware makers aren't exactly jumping at the chance to eliminate their own revenue streams.

When it comes to computers, the sky is _always_ falling. We are always on the brink of Armageddon. If there's 99% of anything, it's FUD with 1% being real & credible things to be concerned about.

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