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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Some impressive new stuff from Amazon today. Great hardware, good price points, and, unlike Nokia, Amazon opens up pre-orders right away and gives us shipping dates. Still, I would personally advice waiting with buying one until you can replace Amazon's Frankendroid with Cyanogenmod or something.
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And do you also advice waiting with buying Windows RT tablets until you can replace their operating system with Metro^8, or holding off iPad purchases until it has PureDarwin support?

The Fire tablets run a very gimped version of Android, so I'd never consider them until/unless they were unlocked. Once they hack this thing and put Jellybean proper on it, assuming they don't screw up the hardware somehow, it's probably going to replace the Nexus 7 as the 'low end' Android tablet of choice, especially since it has an HDMI port, which the 7 lacks. And thank god, they put physical volume buttons on this one ;) I'm betting it's going to get lots of love from the dev community also.

As for the lack of an SD card slot, just get an OTG adapter for the micro USB port (one can be had for less than $1) and you can plug whatever the hell you want in there.

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It depends on what you are using the Fire for. I'm one of the rare ones who downgraded from ICS back to the stock firmware. The integration with Amazon makes the Kindle uniquely useful for consuming Amazon products.

Reading books and watching movies work well on the 7" form-factor, and I tend to get those from Amazon so the integration outweighs the loss of ICS features. (I did root and install Google Play and such, that much is essential.) Plus, I like variety and was getting a bit bored with the overlap between ICS on my phone and tablet.

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Well, you can always download the Kindle app for stock. I'm told you can also side load the Prime app as well, though I've never tried it.

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