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Windows "Windows Server 2012 probably won't have the adoption lag in the enterprise that Windows 8 is bound to face. That's because, aside from the Metro GUI, Server 2012's biggest changes are in substance rather than style, building upon what the company delivered with Windows Server 2008 Release 2 three years ago. In particular, Server 2012 takes two management features Server 2008 R2 admins will be familiar with - Server Manager and PowerShell - and expands on them considerably."
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RE[6]: PowerShell
by Lennie on Fri 7th Sep 2012 09:41 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: PowerShell"
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Scripting is about iterative development, fast iterative development. Change, run/test, done.

I think Linus Torvalds said it best in his Google tech talk about Git:

When something is fast, you use it differently.

If it takes less time to build, thus it is cheaper.

You don't have to use cheap programmers/cheap labor to do it. Actually I would recommend not do so.

When making larger things, you want some programmers to take time to investigate and think before they start. You want to make some proper choices about structurale/architecture. Lay a good foundation and stick to that.

Where should PowerShell be used ? System administration ?

When something isn't working a busy sysadmin just wants to do a quick fix to a script to keep the systems running. And probably come up with a proper solution later.

First priority: keep systems running.

The perfect example of an environment that asks for for quick iterative development ?

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RE[7]: PowerShell
by lucas_maximus on Fri 7th Sep 2012 11:51 in reply to "RE[6]: PowerShell"
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No not really. Quick fixes and bodges ends up with un-maintainable scripts.

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RE[8]: PowerShell
by Lennie on Fri 7th Sep 2012 12:26 in reply to "RE[7]: PowerShell"
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In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.

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