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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless If there's one thing I miss in the current smartphone industry, it's design. Honest to good, real design. We basically see one boring slab after another, void of any true identity, whether it's iPhone, Samsung, or any of the others. In this boring world of grey, black, and the occasional white, Nokia is the jester, coming up with its own unique designs and crazy colour selection. Today, the company unveiled the Lumia 920 and 820 to continue this trend.
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RE[2]: Still depressing
by ichi on Fri 7th Sep 2012 16:28 UTC in reply to "RE: Still depressing"
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You can write a piece of software in Windows and have it run on anything from Win2K-Win 8 X64 and moreover it will KEEP running without having a team of devs constantly rewrite the thing.

If you are talking about drivers then no, you can't write a driver for Win2k that works on Win8 x64.

And it's also drivers what break with the unstable internal kernel ABI in Linux, because the external API is actually quite stable. Any other software besides kernel drivers will run on any kernel version you throw it at.

I'm not really sure about a stable internal ABI being the holy grail people claim it would be, anyway. Sure, it might have made it easier for some devs to release binary drivers, but it would also mean maintaining old cruft in a kernel that's intended to be developed fast (how many kernel releases have we had already?).

And then, WP phones not being supported on Linux have nothing to do with inestable ABIs anyway, you don't really need a kernel driver to copy stuff to an external device.

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RE[3]: Still depressing
by bassbeast on Sat 8th Sep 2012 11:31 in reply to "RE[2]: Still depressing"
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Nope you can just write FOUR, count 'em four drivers, and have every. single. version. of Windows currently supported covered for the LIFE of the OS. watch...2K/XP 32, XP X64, WinVista/7/8 32, WinVista/7/8 X64. That's it, stick a fork you are done. That gives you every single version of Windows from 2000-2020 with just FOUR drivers.

But this is why corps simply aren't gonna support you, they can write for OSX and get 5 years minimum, write for Windows and get 10+, or write for Linux and have the thing break in less than a year when some dev gets an itch...which do YOU think is more cost effective? Pulling an Nvidia and having to hire a team to do nothing but fix broken drivers, or write once and use for years?

And again don't give us the "Just give us the code!" because that is as much BS as saying "Give us your A&P textbook and we'll do our own open heart surgery!" because again, look at AMD. The devs have had the specs for 3 years now, drivers aren't even as good as Windows drivers from 3 years ago. Writing low level system drivers is HARD, extremely hard, and frankly 90%+ of the coders out there simply aren't qualified to do it and those that are qualified have their dance cards full at work so ain't volunteering.

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RE[4]: Still depressing
by ichi on Sat 8th Sep 2012 15:23 in reply to "RE[3]: Still depressing"
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I agree about the increased difficulty of writting (or rather maintaining) kernel drivers with a unestable internal kernel ABI, that point is pretty much obvious, but that still has nothing to do with WP not working on Linux.

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