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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Stephen Elop only has a few months to show he can turn Nokia around if he is to survive but the new smartphone is unlikely to woo customers back from Apple and Samsung. Investors and analysts say the chief executive has until early 2013 to prove he made the right choice by partnering with Microsoft Windows or his future at the loss-making company will be called into question." Well, I'll be doing my part. I'm buying a 920.
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RE[2]: Please
by Nelson on Wed 19th Sep 2012 18:17 UTC in reply to "RE: Please"
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You must not remember the burning platform memo then.

A CEO that calls it's current line up of products "rubbish" and tells all the customer base to "wait for a year until we make the current prototype into a working product" is either crazy or incompetent.

He could have gently phased out Symbian in favor of WP, for example. But he just went ahead and killed Symbian prematurely and didn't even have anything to replace it with. There was a myriad of ways to go but he chose to "jump from the platform to the water" without checking if there was a raft down there. This is business 101.

The suggestion that consumers en masse read some memo online is nonsensical. There is no evidence to suggest that the memo had such a drastic effect. Symbian sales were already collapsing.

Besides, he said that there was "no clear strategy" in Nokia's smartphone business. And, yes, MeeGo won praises of reviewers left and right, which is no guarantee that it would be a success since WP also won reviewers. It is so much more than "killing our MeeGo".

And what about the faster development that would be ushered when the great MS system would be implemented?

Which is true. Nokia did lack a definitive direction and mindshare. Qt was taking them nowhere, MeeGo lacked the ecosystem, and Symbian was, well, Symbian.

There was a definite vacuum in their lineup, and its where Windows Phone came in.

And no, Nokia was not in a "wild downward spiral". What do you call this now? Batsh1t crazy tornado?

Yes they were, according to Tomi, an ex Nokian analyst many Nokia haters on OSNews like to quote:

You'll note he said this before the Microsoft and Nokia announcement. I'll loosely quote here "Nokia's market share is in a death spiral"

And as you mentioned, Nokia has a great location which was "partnered" with Microsoft, meaning, MS got to ditch their horrible location service in favor of a much superior one. Talk about a great deal!

But go on, cherry pick all you want. ;)

Of course it is. Bing has a large presence and the exposure for Nokia is great. Also included is Amazon and Yahoo.

It is beyond logical to blame Elop for a company that was in a clear free fall. But you know, its okay, you did your job. You did your stupid comment, you got your jabs in, you revised history. You carried the flag well. Now go sit down.

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RE[3]: Please
by HangLoose on Wed 19th Sep 2012 18:42 in reply to "RE[2]: Please"
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hehe my "jabs" in? I didn' try to throw "jabs" at you.

The only part i mentioned you directly you twisted what I said to point that "consumers en masse don't read". Which makes me think that you are part of those that do not read. ;) <- that's a jab

But I will go to sit down and stop responding to you because you clearly get the hibiby-jibies when someone on the internet doesn't agree with you. <-that's another one ;)

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RE[4]: Please
by Nelson on Wed 19th Sep 2012 18:52 in reply to "RE[3]: Please"
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I'm sorry if it was too much to ask of you to keep your bullshit down to an acceptable level.

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RE[3]: Please
by ichi on Thu 20th Sep 2012 09:16 in reply to "RE[2]: Please"
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MeeGo lacked the ecosystem

And so did WindowsPhone.

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RE[4]: Please
by cdude on Thu 20th Sep 2012 10:54 in reply to "RE[3]: Please"
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Actually the Symbian+Meego ecosystem was well alive when Elop joined. Meego was not there yet but Symbian was ecosystem #1 using Qt. That is till Elop started burning.

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