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Gnome "Gnome 3 has received a lot of disapproval of late, from the Gnome foundation being charged with not taking care of its users, or losing mindshare, to Gnome 3 itself being an unusable mess. I've been using Gnome 3 myself for a few months to sort the truth from the fiction, and to try and understand just how the Gnome foundation expects their newest shell to be used. I will end with some thoughts on how Gnome 3 can be improved. The review will require a fairly lengthy preface, however."
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RE: Comment by Sodki
by Jason Bourne on Mon 24th Sep 2012 18:59 UTC in reply to "Comment by Sodki"
Jason Bourne
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People want to put the GNOME 1 x GNOME 2 transition as the same thing as GNOME 2 x GNOME 3 transition. It's a real mistake to stand for this argument.

As far as I remember, GNOME 1.4 was basically a bottom panel with traditional menus, tasklist, workspace switcher & clock. Going to GNOME 2.x was just a matter of adapting to the menu distribution which was the same classic menu and the position of the panels, sporting then 2 panels with the applets in them. You had the same workflow.

With GNOME 3 is totally different. You need to push to Activities corner every frigging 10 seconds and switching applications is annoying. The workflow is totally different despite the "better technology behind it".

So I don't buy GNOME arguments about those transitions being the same. They have never been the same. I was alive and well and I remember it was a bit annoying but it was nothing like we have now - head up the arse.

There is THIS DESIGNER who told people that every change is naturally uncomfortable, of course, because it was the same reaction when GNOME 2 was released. For one thing I know, this guy was in diapers when GNOME 2 was released. Nothing has irritated me more than his comments.

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