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Linux "I was in a coffee shop in Portland, Oregon and happened to spot Linus Torvalds sitting alone at a window table. I asked the creator of the Linux operating system and the Git source code control system if I could join him. Over the next fifteen minutes we talked about programming and programmers." Editor's Note: We've realized it's unclear whether this is a satirical interview or not. We don't know, so YMMV.
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RE[2]: What is the point...
by PieterGen on Thu 27th Sep 2012 21:47 UTC in reply to "RE: What is the point..."
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"as if something like Archlinux doesn't keep the indie cred of anything you have to install through the command line" Oh please, give me a break...It has nothing to do with "indy cred", but it's all about learning your system from the ground up and not taking anything for granted. Completely anti-hipster, actually

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RE[3]: What is the point...
by Morgan on Fri 28th Sep 2012 00:37 in reply to "RE[2]: What is the point..."
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Nope. It used to be about learning your system and having complete control over your OS. Now, it's about the Arch admins stroking their OS-penises and measuring them against each other, and newcomers are turned away with a "take your ball and find another playground" attitude. Very hipsterish, if you ask me.

If you don't believe me, look into the furor on the forums over the last couple of months regarding highly aggressive, system-breaking core changes with very little notice or resolution. Various Arch admins have been quoted as saying they hate the idea of anyone new using Arch, that they want the distro to fall into obscurity so they will be "left alone by all the noobs", and that they are making the aggressive changes to purposely turn away anyone new to the project.

And yes, I know the majority of the Arch community is not like that. It's a core group of admins who are trying to close up the project and turn their backs on the community at large. I wish they would just fork off and leave it in more sane hands.

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RE[3]: What is the point...
by No it isnt on Fri 28th Sep 2012 06:06 in reply to "RE[2]: What is the point..."
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See, that's what gives it the indie cred. "I'm using this incredibly difficult system because I want to learn/be in total control. Yep, I'm just that hardcore."

In the earlier days, it used to be Slackware -- usenet was flooded with card-carrying slackers making similar claims, and for some reason they were the least helpful bunch of all. Claimed they knew everything (they had to, since Slack was so hard), yet never answered anyone's questions.

Now, I currently do use Arch at home, due to its rolling-release more than its simplicity of design or difficulty of use: whenever Debian is frozen, Sid becomes too boring. The claim that you learn more from it is bullshit. It's a good distro, though.

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