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General Development "Everyone seems to have a replacement for JavaScript - Google even has two. Now Microsoft has revealed that Anders Hejlsberg has been working on a replacement and it has released a preview of TypeScript. TypeScript is open source - Apache 2.0 license - and a superset of JavaScript. As you would expect from a Hejlsberg language it incorporates type checking, interfaces and lots of syntactic sugar."
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The problem with HTML V5 is...well...its a pig, it really is. Everyone is pushing it as a flash replacement but frankly I can open SD flash on even the 1.8GHz Sempron I keep at the shop for a nettop and the video is smooth, even without any GPU acceleration, whereas with HTML V5 I've found anything short of a dual core to be a slideshow unless you have a dedicated H.264 decoder onboard.

Known bug... at least for Firefox.

Given that it's been three years, I'm starting to wonder how one would get through to the Firefox developers that people are getting tired of waiting.

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Yeah, but it's like bassbeast describes under every browser... so maybe there's something wrong with the specification and/or what it tries to do & how it must be implemented because of that.

Especially noticeable on older or netbook-class machines - when going from Flash to HTML5 video, the performance very clearly degrades (contrary to claims of how it was supposed to be...), often to the point of making video playback unusable at the same quality levels.

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