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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless After a few months of relative silence and vagueness, we're finally getting something tangible from Jolla, the promising mobile phone company which came forth from former Nokia employees. It's ambitious - they're not just going to create a mobile operating system, not just a mobile phone, but an entire ecosystem, including cloud services and data centres. At its heart? The beautiful city of Hong Kong. The prime target market? China.
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RE[3]: Developing for China
by earlycj5 on Sun 7th Oct 2012 03:38 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Developing for China"
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Not sure I'd put much stock in that review having used my N9 for the past 8 months now.

The updates have stabilized it greatly. Sure, the browser is lacking, but there are other options (it is Linux after all).

I'd agree, MeeGo turned out to be pretty kick-ass with Nokia's Swipe on top of it. Stability is second to none, I have no issues with multitasking. The only app that I can say will reliably give issues is the Twitter app. Other than that, the device is dead on reliable.

I have no illusions that Jolla will be MeeGo per se. But I'm certainly interested to see another Linux phone on the market.

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