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Legal The failing US patent system is getting ever more mainstream - The New York Times is running a long and details piece on the failings of the system, especially in relation to the technology industry most of us hold so dearly. Most of the stuff in there isn't new to us - but there's two things in the article I want to highlight.
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Technical innovation is better than lawyers for a country ?

If companies in your country create good innovations/products they'll be able to export their products.

And lawyers are just good for the local economy ?

You're flawed assumption is that said lawyers care what happens to their economy. They don't, at least not until it actually hits them. Most people are in it for the moment and live only for now. So long as they have what they want right now, they're content. It's the same with most politicians when you come right down to it. I don't agree with it myself, but that's how most humans think.

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