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Apple "Looking at the stats for all our apps (we have 4 universal apps with almost 3 million downloads) and for all versions after a month gives an interesting picture." Close to 70% is on iOS 6 already. In the meantime, Sony just announced it's going to leave loads of users in the cold by not upgrading their phones to Jelly Bean. Those that do have an update in the pipeline will have to wait until next year.
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Lol. When you become a moderator on a site, you can enforce your rule at that time ;)

Until then, the rest of us will post.

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jared_wilkes Member since:

I'm not trying to enforce anything; I'm trying to give you advice however.

I don't think the answer is quite clearly "marriage" nor is the original poster willing to explain. So why should I accept someone else's (someone who also likely does not even know the original poster) interpretation?

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That ... is a very good question ..

My answer would be ... you shouldn't. If the poster refuse to provide an answer, then the problem is with the poster, not you, or me, or anyone else.

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