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Windows Steve Ballmer has just announced that in the first three days of being on sale, more than 4 million people have bought the Windows 8 upgrade. This doesn't count OEM installations or Microsoft's own Surface - just individual upgrades. Definitely a promising start for Windows 8, but then, these are most likely enthusiasts (I'm one of those four million), so we still don't know a whole lot. I'm patiently waiting for the response from regular consumers.
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RE[3]: WindowzzZ
by bassbeast on Thu 1st Nov 2012 21:27 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: WindowzzZ"
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What is hilarious, at least to me, is he isn't even using the word correctly! Its obvious what he is describing is "skipping" and NOT jitter, which was the way the old CRTs would "flicker" from EMF interference.

And most likely the reason he is suffering from video skipping is that "Mr Leet" has gotten himself so badly pwned that he has more viruses than his machine can possibly run, but he's too "leet" to admit he don't know what he's doing and needs help.

We ran into one of these "leet" Linux users at the shop, he actually had an email relay installed on his machine because he thought Linux was "magical" and never needed updating and got himself pwned.

I do think its funny his "dirty poo poo head" word is faggot, as that seems to be the favorite word along with the N word for halo playing HS dropouts everywhere. I personally enjoy pointing out the foolishness of little smart mouths like this, picturing him foaming at the mouth like Angry German Kid while he screams "FAGGOT!" at the screen is really funny. Look at the previous post on Win 8, he ended up posting no less than NINETEEN TIMES just to call me a dirty poo poo THAT is funny!

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RE[4]: WindowzzZ
by Soulbender on Sat 3rd Nov 2012 05:02 in reply to "RE[3]: WindowzzZ"
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like Angry German Kid while he screams "FAGGOT!" at the screen is really funny.

Sorry, couldn't resist:

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RE[5]: WindowzzZ
by bassbeast on Sat 3rd Nov 2012 13:53 in reply to "RE[4]: WindowzzZ"
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LOL thanks for that, I've actually been the guy abandoning the PC for the weekend rafting and enjoying the summer afternoon with my GF, and the reason i don't hardly play online anymore is too many games are FULL of those type.

Serious read that guy's history, he posted like NINETEEN times just to spew his favorite dirty word, talk about a Ritalin baby LOL! But what is funniest to me is to hear him attempt to "talk smart" and fit in, he uses words without any real grasp of the meanings, ending up sounding like this..

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