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Google Back when I reviewed the Nexus 7, I mentioned that I was disappointed with Chrome for Android. It often felt slow, would hang, and typing in the address bar and input fields on webpages would lag. Scrolling wasn't always optimal, and sometimes, it would simply freeze up altogether. We're several months down the line now - has the situation improved for me?
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screen real estate?
by pooo on Wed 7th Nov 2012 22:45 UTC
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I can't believe no one is complaining about the ridiculous amount of screen real estate chrome hogs for no reason. Why doesn't address bar scroll away like the old browser or fade out then you can bring it back by dragging down at the top? And why are there tabs even with only one tab open?

On my N7 in landscape mode it is a joke. I'm not an apple fan but I have to admit when they presented the mini and made fun of the android browser's use of screen, I had to admit they were right. Drives me nuts!

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