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Google After the short story on Chrome for Android not entirely living up to the promise of its desktop sibling, I went on a serious Android browser testing spree - fueled by suggestions from readers here and on Twitter. The conclusion? As much choice as there is, they all seem to be lacking in one important aspect: user interface. Ugly, inconsistent, non-Holo, confusing - and this applies to Chrome as much as it does to third party browsers. Since I really want a good Android browser, I sat down, and about 23 seconds later, I realised that all the ingredients for a really good and distinctive Android browser are right here in front of everyone using Android. Also: this approach would result in a tablet interface, all for free!
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Sounds like a project to me...
by Morgul on Fri 9th Nov 2012 15:32 UTC
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I really like these interface ideas, but I have to ask, why don't we (OSNews readers) build a prototype? No, we can't build a browser that can compete with Chrome/Firefox... but we can use the web control given to us by the android UI, and that whould be good enough. (Isn't this what Dolphin does?)

The key here is that the UI would be the goal, not the end result of a browser. We would want it functional, but the fact that it is a browser should be secondary to illustrating the concept of "this is how a browser on Android should look." License it with MIT or even WTFPL. Possible even structure it so that pulling the UI into another project's prety easy. Encourage some of the alternate browsers to use it. And, if no one adopts it, well... then we can focus on getting the browser portion competitive.

I haven't done more than cursory Android development, and have too many project on my plate to jump into learning, at the moment, but surely there's some andoid developer out there with some spare time? (If not, I'll probably end up tackling it eventually.)

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