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Gnome "I'm writing to inform you that the release team discussed Drop or Fix Fallback Mode yesterday. We've come to the conclusion that we can't maintain fallback mode in reasonable quality, and are better off dropping it." Gnome-fallback has been my refuge, as I find both Unity and Gnome 3's shell unusable. Yes, we have been warned this would happen. I thought the cost of maintaining gnome-panel would be so low that it might never need to happen. But as it appears, it is deemed necessary. As for me, I'm bound for something Qt, as I am very angry at Gnome for abandoning its 'classic' users.
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And humans!

They used to make jokes about it years ago. Everyone knew back then that Gnome people hated stupid users and humans. The joke was: The way they're going, soon all you'll have is a blank screen. Well it looks like that's not too far away now. The perfect Gnome desktop for stupid users and humans.

Stupid user/Human: I can't see my desktop, gnome is broken.

Gnome devs: Yes! That's by design, marked as WONTFIX.

Stupid user/Human: But how can I use my computer if I can't see my desktop.

Gnome devs: You're too stupid to have access to your desktop. For us to do that would mean we'd have to fix crappy bugs and we don't want to do that. So the best way forward for everyone is if we just remove anything we don't want to work on. This works well for all as stupid users and humans are too stupid to use anything we made in the past. We have to make new things for stupider people!

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Real linux users don't even need a desktop. Hell, the only reason they use a mouse is for gaming.

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Real linux users must be like a true scotsman.

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You know I just realized I don't use a desktop. I guess that makes me a real linux user ;)

But I do use a mouse for more than gaming ;)

I dunno? I've been on fluxbox for about 10 years now and none of this really effects me. In fact, I go out of my way to steer clear of any gnome stuff as much as I can. I just found it to be a buggy bloated mess.

I prefer to stay in control of what packages are on my system. It makes it far easier to keep up to date and my system is a 100% working and highly efficient everyday of the year. I suffer no breakage and no lost time. I haven't done any kind of reinstall for that length of time.

Sure it's not flashy and shiny, but it works and I get work done with no distractions. Oh and I get to laugh at all the stupid users and humans whining about their broken gnome desktop ;)

So I guess you're right. I have no icons or folders on my desktop and the only time I click on it is to bring up my menu ;)

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