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Linux Software for the Raspberry Pi is quickly moving forward. Beyond the several core Linux distros, another couple dozen systems are available, with NetBSD, FreeBSD, and Chromium imminently stepping into the mix. (Ubuntu will not join them as it requires ARMv7 and the Pi is ARMv6). Two dozen programming languages are available, including Python, Perl, Java, Ruby 1.9.2, BASIC, and more. Since the Pi is a full fledged ARM computer, it should run nearly any ARM app within its system requirements. See the RPi Wiki or Foundation website for more info.
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and donate my old one to a friend who wants to get started with programming and sensors/motor control.

That sounds like a worthy cause. One can never learn too much!

I'm going to be selling some of my superfluous gear

Did I mention I accept donations...? *cough*

and look into getting a Loongson-based mini PC. It's a platform I haven't had a chance to work with yet, and it promises fully open hardware and software. We'll see if Stallman is right about it. ;)

If you ever get your hands on one how about writing an article on it here on OSNews? I'd do that myself, but it seems unlikely I'll be getting one all due to shortage of cash!

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