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OSNews, Generic OSes With computers now shipping with UEFI Secure Boot enabled, users of any OS other than Windows 8 will want to know how to circumvent it. Jesse Smith of DistroWatch tells how he did it here. The Linux Foundation describes its approach here. If you want to boot an OS other than Windows 8, you'll want to figure this out before you buy that new computer.
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RE[9]: I did my homework
by lucas_maximus on Fri 7th Dec 2012 10:10 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: I did my homework"
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PS. Most of the issues in the links you included relate to a wireless chipset which was poorly supported by Linux at the time (granted that seems like an idiotic decision for a Linux vendor to use it). That same chipset was included in certain Dell and Lenovo machines, so the same issues apply to them. Furthermore, in one of the web searches you submitted as proof for that company's poor track record, the second or third result was a positive review.

Dell and Lenovo though main selling feature isn't Linux compatibility.

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