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BeOS & Derivatives "Haiku, the open source re-creation of BeOS, threatens to become 'The Duke Nukem of operating systems', joked long-time contributor Ryan Leavengood. Actually, after eleven years of development, Haiku still falls four years short of Duke Nukem Forever's long delay, but few other projects have been so long in development. However, with the recent release of Alpha 4.1, Haiku is at last nearing general release." 2013 is going to be very exciting for Haiku.
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RE[2]: duke nukem forever of OSes
by cb88 on Sat 8th Dec 2012 18:26 UTC in reply to "RE: duke nukem forever of OSes"
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QNX is actually performant though... HURD is not for really obvious reasons. People should read the maintainer blogs and comments of the people that acutally have to work on GNU software. I read about all of Rob Landley's posts (except when he waxes political >:D ) and from there jump of to many others on LWN etc... GNU software is barely maintainable and in most cases outright broken buy design and the politics dragged in by the FSF. More power to them but they should at least design good stuff.

Rob is working essentially on BSD/Linux which could be re-licensed as GPL if anyone cared and at the same time foster real commercial development input.

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