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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Perhaps most likely to raise some eyebrows is that Ubuntu 13.04 will let users purchase music or apps directly from the desktop Dash, without having to open a browser or a separate client." That's going to go down well.
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RE: Whatever....
by mkools on Wed 12th Dec 2012 01:33 UTC in reply to "Whatever...."
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And this all surprises you why? You think that Canonical is sending out free Ubuntu CD's just because they are so loyal?

You think it's a coincidence that Steam is going to run on Linux, Ubuntu only? And that Valve's Steambox is probably gonna run Ubuntu as well? (That's not confirmed yet but I'm almost sure it will) And now this?

This was all planned before Canonical even started Ubuntu because you have to go corporate, commercial to make something a success among the average consumer.

Linux on the desktop is only going to be widely used when there's commercial stuff attached to it. Android is a great example, without the Play store and Google behind it Android would have had zero market share right now.

So if you want Linux to be dominant on the desktop, this is the only way to do it (unfortunately).

And yes I would hate to have Microsoft 2.0 but I rather have two Microsofts than just one. At least we'll have some sort of competition then.

Welcome to Planet Earth buddy, where everyone has a hidden agenda and corporate profit is the only thing that's important in today's world.

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RE[2]: Whatever....
by Casey99 on Wed 12th Dec 2012 01:59 in reply to "RE: Whatever...."
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Steam is not going to run exclusively on Ubuntu. There have already been Debian users accepted into beta testing and users have already begun running it on Arch. It will run on every major linux distribution, one way or another.

Canonical is never going to get off the ground financially. They clearly have no idea how to run a company.

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RE[3]: Whatever....
by galvanash on Wed 12th Dec 2012 03:13 in reply to "RE[2]: Whatever...."
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Canonical is never going to get off the ground financially. They clearly have no idea how to run a company.

Maybe. But I'm pretty sure not trying to figure out ways to make money is an even worse strategy...

I don't personally use Ubuntu, so I don't care one way or the other. But what exactly would you have them do? Your comment intrigued me because you said "company", not "project" or "non-proft" or whatever.

If they are a company (you said so yourself), then their purpose is commercial - i.e. they exist to make money. They make a product mostly targeted at consumer desktops. They give it away, only asking for donations (which is at best going to be small change). Selling support is obviously right out - desktop users dont by support...

What's left?

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RE[2]: Whatever....
by windowshasyou on Wed 12th Dec 2012 16:39 in reply to "RE: Whatever...."
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"You think it's a coincidence that Steam is going to run on Linux, Ubuntu only?" I use LFS and Funtoo, yet I've been accepted into the Steam beta program. Not that I use it because I looked at the list of games on there and saw that nearly all of them already had a Linux client and I wasn't about to pay for the same games twice. Maybe when they port something like Final Fantasy 7/8 or command and conquer to Linux will I consider purchasing those games again.

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