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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "What are the chances that we'll see something with the finesse of the One X with stock software down the road? 'The Nexus devices are Google’s lineup,' explains Kodera, 'but in general, we're very proud of HTC Sense, and we'd like to continue shipping it on every device.' Not exactly encouraging." Big letdown. Not unexpected, but a letdown still. I will never again buy a non-Nexus device.
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Comment by gsyoungblood
by gsyoungblood on Thu 13th Dec 2012 05:33 UTC
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The only things in HTC Sense that I like are the panel clock and some of the widgets that update on the screen. The rest just gets in the way. The best thing I did was move to a custom ROM, though I did miss that clock. ;)

I have a Galaxy Nexus now, and have no urge to go back to a non Google interface (unless it's MIUI). I've been tempted by the S III, but not enough to pull the trigger and go buy it yet. And if I did, it'd probably be after I know I can root it and replace the rom.

I was actually waiting for the iPhone 5, until they cheaped out by not actually making the screen any bigger (a little taller isn't enough IMO). Had Apple gone with a 4" retina display I'd probably be sporting an iPhone.

Oh well. At least this way I saved some money.

Oh, and a new item for the Apple Tax. It turns out Assurion plan with carriers charge $169 for replacement of an iPhone versus $99 for Android and $49 for feature phones. Add another $70 to the Apple Tax total.

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