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Google "Google has revealed that it has no plans to develop dedicated apps for Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 for its business app products such as Gmail or Drive." Product management director for Google Apps, Clay Bavor, told V3 that Google "will go where the users are but they are not on Windows Phone or Windows 8". Ouch - but for now, hard to argue with.
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Acer did publicly criticize Microsoft for the Surface RT, which is a very unusual move. They even went so far as to predict negative impact for other business areas (read: PC sales).

That the others remained mum so far doesn't mean that they don't rebel (e.g. by burying or delaying their Windows RT tablet plans).

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Windows RT is a different beast than Windows 8. With Surface (or whatever it is called this week) Microsoft is competing directly with their HW OEMs, so it makes sense for Acer to be less than thrilled with that system.

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And so did various ISV's like Valve and Blizzard.

Also Win8 Pro includes a free downgrade-option to Win7 official granted from Microsoft but they are still counted as Win8 sells. Some hardware-vendors even deliver with the downgrade active already. They are still counted as Win8 sells too.

There are reasons Microsoft only gives out sold units and not activations like Google does with Android. There are reasons a free downgrade to Windows 7 is included.

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Do you have any evidence to suggest users en-masse downgraded to Windows 7?

No? Oh, alright.

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