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Hardware, Embedded Systems "With fond memories of educational titles like 'Granny's Garden', and less educational ones like 'Pole Position' and 'Boffin', the BBC B seemed like a worthy machine to bring back to life inside an FPGA." The Hacker News thread has links to more FPGA implementations of older home computers.
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RE[2]: FPGas
by transputer_guy on Tue 18th Dec 2012 00:49 UTC in reply to "RE: FPGas"
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My own kids are obsessed with computers as most are, as long as it is shiny bling and plays games on the web, its a computer. They have no concept of a computer being useful that isn't connected to the web. If I showed them whats inside, total disinterest, "whatever"!

It would be interesting to see how well the Colossus and Tommy Flowers is portrayed in a movie. The UK war secrecy didn't help any. In them olden days, a mag drum was hacked together from metal drums and tape heads lying around the work shop.

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