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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Proprietary software like Windows often includes surveillance code to track user behavior and send this information to vendor servers. Linux has traditionally been immune to such privacy violation. Ubuntu 12.10 now includes code that, by default, collects data on Dash searches. The code integrates Amazon products into search results and can even integrate with Facebook, Twitter, BBC and others as per Ubuntu's Third Party Privacy Policies. This article at the EFF tells how it all works and how to opt out of information sharing, while Richard Stallman himself comments here.
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RE[2]: unfair jab at Microsoft
by chekr on Thu 3rd Jan 2013 12:30 UTC in reply to "RE: unfair jab at Microsoft"
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Your view of surveillance requires some mental gymnastics! I posit that this is not surveillance. It is a one-time product activation.

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It is a one-time product activation.

I take it you don't rebuild/repair many PCs... heh

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Or do fresh OS installations from time to time.

Microsoft will revoke your key if you install and activate Windows enough times, even on the same exact computer with absolutely no hardware modifications or upgrades.

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No... it just requires an adequately-functioning brain with at least a few live brain cells and a steady supply of oxygen. No mental gymnastics necessary, unless perhaps you suffer from some sort of mental retardation.

Go read the definitions of the word, and then go look a bit closer at how WGA actually works; not just the information it sends with the assumption that it only ever does it once.

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