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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y And so this situation is starting to get ridiculous - and consumers are, as usual, caught in the middle of it all. Google has just blocked Windows Phone devices from accessing Google Maps on their phones. In addition, it also seems Windows Phone users are now restricted to the basic HTML version of the mobile GMail website. While understandable from a defensive perspective - Microsoft's extortion scheme targeting Android device makers and all that - it's still a massive dick move that only hurts consumers. Update: the media attention has worked - Google is backpedalling, and will remove the redirect. "We periodically test Google Maps compatibility with mobile browsers to make sure we deliver the best experience for those users. In our last test, IE mobile still did not offer a good maps experience with no ability to pan or zoom and perform basic map functionality. As a result, we chose to continue to redirect IE mobile users to where they could at least make local searches. The Firefox mobile browser did offer a somewhat better user experience and that’s why there is no redirect for those users. Recent improvements to IE mobile and Google Maps now deliver a better experience and we are currently working to remove the redirect. We will continue to test Google Maps compatibility with other mobile browsers to ensure the best possible experience for users."
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RE[2]: I could complain about..
by jarkkot on Sun 6th Jan 2013 07:48 UTC in reply to "RE: I could complain about.."
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"accessing Microsoft services with other products.

- hotmail/ does not work with mobile Chrome.

Sure it ( does.
No it does not, it is impossible to use with touch screen chrome on android. just tested it, gives same layout as to desktop browser

"- outlook web access gives just basic HTML version with desktop Chrome

Huh? Not sure what you expect from a webmail interface. The interface looks and functions the same on Chrome, IE, and Firefox.
no it does not, chrome and opera get some basic view, as ie and firefox get other. Some webmail interfaces are pretty good these days, ie roundcube and gmail, better than many desktop clients, imo.

"- And how do i configure thunderbird/ligthning against that office 365 / exchange account to have calendar / contacts sync.. they haven't implemented standard protocols!

Use one of the many Exchange extensions available for Thunderbird/Lightning such as the Exchange Calendar and Tasks Add-On for Lighting (

Standards? Remember, closed standards are standards too.

Sure you "could complain about.." but it would be better to do some research before posting such nonsense.
standards, so is the exchange protocol open and free for everybody to implement?

and yes i know and have used that plugin ;)

you could do some research also ;)

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Standards do not have to be free. The various wireless communication standards are not free. You must license all standard essential patents from the relevant vendors.

In practice, what you're suggesting is true is a fairy tale.

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jarkkot Member since:

but the fairy tale happened, Microsoft does not rule anymore ;)

In practice, market leader gets to decide, now it is Google and Microsoft just has to be humble and stop complaining. At least they are given a fair chance with open standards, it's up to them if they want to give better experience to their customers.

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Huh? Not sure what you expect from a webmail interface. The interface looks and functions the same on Chrome, IE, and Firefox.

Upgrade Exchange. Newer versions provide the full webmail interface to Firefox and Chrome. And not IE6 - it gets the cut down version.

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