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Multimedia, AV "Sony has announced it is to deliver its last MiniDisc stereo next month. It marks an end to the firm's support for the system which it launched in 1992. The format only ever had limited success outside of Japan and was ultimately doomed by the rise of recordable CDs and MP3 players." My format of choice for personal audio up until a few years ago, when the rest of the world had already long moved on to MP3. Nothing beats the satisfying sound of closing a portable MiniDisc player/recorder with a disc in it.
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I'll miss you, old friend...
by Neolander on Mon 4th Feb 2013 19:46 UTC
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Think about it: you want to record audio on the move, such as conversations or band rehearsals. You would like to do so in relatively high quality, similar to that of a CD for an untrained ear. You do not want to deal with a large and complex device like a laptop or tablet, and you would like to get several hours of battery life while recording audio. Is there a modern device, sold for less than €250 (mic price and storage media not included), that would fit the bill ?

That's what MDs were best at, in my opinion. Infinitely better recording than tapes, and much more reliable than the few DAPs from Cowon and Archos that would feature some mic/line input. Basically the DAT of the people.

For this reason, and also because magneto-optical drives were awesome, I'll always miss my old MD players. Shame on Sony and Sharp for crippling them with shitty DRM and impossibly buggy data transfer software.

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They tried to use it as floppy disc, because it would fit something about 178 MB. But Sony said that the system used to store the informations was lossy, unlike the CD where you have 2.3 KB sectors + CRC, the disks were not designed to be formated as a data medium.

I would have bought that instead of a Iomega Zip drive, that's why I bought a Fujitsu 1.3 GB MO drive instead of a Iomega Jaz.


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