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Google "Sebastian Holst makes yoga mobile apps with his wife, a yoga instructor. The Mobile Yogi is sold in all the major mobile app stores. But when someone buys his app in the Google Play store, Holst automatically gets something he says he didn't ask for: the buyer's full name, location and email address. He says consumers are not aware that Google Inc. is sharing their personal information with third parties. No other app store transmits users' personal information to third-party developers when they buy apps, he said." Oh Google.
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In the case of a purchase in a store, there is no need to pass on those details since the customer is given a receipt which proves what they purchased and when.

When you make a purchase of an app (even if it's free) you have the option to receive a receipt for it. There's no need for anyone to give away your personal info. Especially without your consent.

And if you want the correct analogy, Google in this case can be treated as the Retailer. When you go to Selfridges and you buy a Samsung TV, they are by no means entitled to pass along any information to Samsung without your consent. Why is Google doing it in this case?

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When you download a free app from Play Store there is no receipt or anything. You're not buying it.

Your physical receipt is proof of purchase(goods exchanged for finances) with strict legal guidelines. There is no legal equivalent e-receipt. Your order confirmation from Amazon is not a receipt. Invoice/Order, delivery of that order and proof of payment make the legal equivalent of a receipt.

Google in this case can be treated as the Retailer

No they are not. They are a payment processor. Google does not handle returns or sell you anything.

Here is the actual order info from my Wallet page, to prove that you are actually mistaken in your assessment of the situation:

15 Nov Rovio Mobile Ltd. charged your **** for USD3.68. "GOOGLE *Rovio Mobile" will appear on your billing statement.
15 Nov Rovio Mobile Ltd. received your order.
15 Nov You placed an order with Rovio Mobile Ltd. on 15 Nov. Google Wallet sent a copy of this receipt to ***

Purchased from:
Rovio Mobile Ltd.
2275 E Bayshore Rd Ste 108
Palo Alto CA 94303

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Where does the download come from? If its from Google then they are a retailer, think Walmart. If the download comes from the developer then Google is only a payment processor.

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