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Google Andy Rubin, who created Android and has led its development both at Android Inc. and later at Google, has decided to step down as the big Android boss at Google. Having created the world's "most-used mobile operating system", as Google CEO Larry Page refers to it, I'd say his stint has been successful. Interestingly enough, he will be succeeded by Sundar Pichai - Chrome OS boss. Yes.
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Now if only schools would realize the iPAD isn't the only tablet out there.

Depending on regulations in the country, region, or district, the iPad might very well be the only one they can go for right now. I don't know of any regulations that specify iPads but, in many areas, they do specify certain minimum requirements for educational use. Occasionally those requirements include certain accessibility features (differs by area) for those with vision, motor, or auditory problems. These are all things the iPad (and iOS in general) have where Android's situation is far murkier and the fragmentation issues impede the use of some or all of these functions. Even in areas where these regulations are not present, iPads are far easier to deploy sight wide than something like an Android tablet, and there is the frequency (or lack there of depending on the OEM) of updates and security patches to consider as well.

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