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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu has come under a decent amount of flack over the past few months, particularly over their decision to use the 'Dash Search' to return results from Amazon by default in their most recent release.
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RE: Comment by Auzy
by Soulbender on Sat 16th Mar 2013 03:58 UTC in reply to "Comment by Auzy"
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Projects like Bazaar

You mean unnecessary like Git, Monotone, Darcs, Arx, SVK, Codeville & Mercurial etc etc?

their Wayland alternative,

I still don't see whats bad about this. It either works out or not. If it does we get improvement, if not it only affect Ubuntu.


No, Upstart was necessary because traditional SysV init is a goddamn abomination that should have been gotten rid of a long time ago.


How is it any more "unnecessary" than Blackbox, xmonad, gnome shell or RazorQT?

Even worse these forks are actually a burden on the community

None of the things you mentioned are forks, they're new projects.

(especially Upstart), as developers need to waste time developing code for these additional projects.

Have you actually worked with Upstart? It's a helluva lot easier and better to make your service run with Upstart than it is creating a convoluted init script.
Heck, it's not even code, it's just a configuration file.

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