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3D News, GL, DirectX "Today, we are excited to unlock this technology for high-performance games, by teaming up with Epic Games. By leveraging this new JavaScript optimization technology, Mozilla has been able to bring Epic's Unreal Engine 3 to the Web. With this port, developers will soon be able to explore limitless possibilities when it comes to porting their popular gaming titles to the Web."
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It was more as a demonstration of how the technology worked. The main "thing" was the fact that they had the Unreal engine compiling with Flascc and running natively in Flash *last* year.

Plus you get that this was running in a VM, right? So my laptop was running a VM with 2GB of RAM in VMWare running Flash running Quake 1 that I had just compiled from source using the Flascc compiler... that was what blew me away, not the fact that they had ported Quake 1. The performance in that fairly extreme test (emulating 32bit Windows in a VM under 64bit Windows 7) with really good results.

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I don't know, virtualisation (not emulation) isn't that big of a deal with today's CPUs, gives near-native performance.

What will be impressive IMHO: Glide support in DOSbox, I hear it's coming.

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