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Games More and more evidence is pointing towards the next Xbox requiring an always-on internet connection in order to play any games - i.e., once you lose your connection, you can't play any game at all. Three minutes after losing your connection, "your" game will suspend itself and stop playing. Microsoft's Adam Orth took to Twitter to defend this anti-consumer practice, but he did so in the most ungraceful of ways.
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RE[3]: Comment by shmerl
by Beta on Sat 6th Apr 2013 00:08 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by shmerl"
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No, there is a key difference. Firstly I'm talking about purely digital purchasing, not about buying retail games.

I added that for the obvious advantage you were ignoring.

But then you can backup the installer and don't need Internet to install and play the game again. In contrast, DRMed services require you connecting for their servers each time you install the game, or each time you play (or both). DRM free means

I know what DRM free means, i’m just interested in people looking at this fairly. You can’t resell the games you buy at GoG or Desura, right?

The only difference between them is you can install offline, as PS3 allows you to backup your PSN downloads to hdd, no idea about Xbox. Ignoring multiplayer‐only games, no PS3 games require being online to run them. Even Journey which is very much multiplayer works absolutely without ’net.

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