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Games The Wii U isn't doing well. "We're told by someone with access to the NPD's data that sales for January were 'well under' 100,000 units. By our estimates, sales were somewhere between 45,000 and 59,000 units for the month, which is lower than any of the three previous-generation home consoles sold in their worst months, with the possible exception of a recent performance by the original Wii." All that is old will be new again.
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RE[2]: no software, no sales
by jweinraub on Tue 9th Apr 2013 21:00 UTC in reply to "RE: no software, no sales"
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You know, I keep saying that myself year after year. I grew up on the original NES so I am a fanboy at heart and I do wish it was successful. However, I do find I use the PS3 much more often than my Wii. And while the Wii is cute, the Wii U is what the Wii should had been from the beginning. I don't get why they are so afraid of embracing the new technology like their reluctance to use discs when N64 came out (my only console I never owned from them, only that I was 16 or so when it came out and thought I'd get over gaming by then... lol) But yeah reason why I never got the Wii U is because of price and no Zelda. If they have a combined package I will jump on that fast!

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